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ITV Coronation Street fans spot haunting detail about Kelly Neelan as she discovers Imran’s death


Fans of Coronation Street have spotted something sad about Kelly Neelan after she found out about Imran Habeeb’s tragic death. The solicitor died in scenes aired on Wednesday night (June 1) marking the end of Charlie De Melo’s time on the ITV soap.

Imran had been involved in a crash alongside new wife Toyah, with the pair appearing to have plowed into a building covered in scaffolding as they drove back home from the police station. The pair ended up there after Toyah decided Abi Webster should be reported for planning to kidnap her son.

Baby Alfie was placed in dad Imran and step-mum Toyah’s care after Imran lied to the court about Abi being back on drugs. But after he foiled her plan to take her son and run off to Costa Rica, and a dressing down from former foster daughter Kelly about his deceit to get what he wanted, Imran was ready to come clean.

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So as Toyah headed off to the police station, Imran went in pursuit and managed to get to her before she told them anything. She then said she’d drive them back to the cobbles as Imran had had a drink. But the newlyweds didn’t make it back, with them ending up in an accident and despite Imran’s efforts to save Toyah, he died himself after suffering a cardiac arrest.

During Thursday night’s edition of the ITV soap, fans began to see the aftermath, including the news spreading about Imran’s death. Nick Tilsley, who was on his way with Alfie to partner Leanne Battersby and Toyah at the hospital, had to break the news to Kelly as she asked him about the pair.

Devastated she ended up in the pub where Maria Windass was there to comfort her and the shock was palpable in the Rovers. But soon we saw the teen, played by Millie Gibson, paying Toyah a visit, asking her whether she had spoken to Imran before he died. She denied knowing anything when Kelly told her Imran had lied about Abi in court and was about to come clean.

Kelly visited Toyah in hospital

In a bid to get Abi out of the police station, where she and husband Kevin Webster were being questioned over the accident after tampering with the couple’s car, Kelly went to tell DS Swain exactly what she knew, leading to her paying Toyah a visit and accusing her of not trying to prevent the accident.

And Corrie fans were quick to praise Kelly for taking action. @MJ_JJ061215 tweeted: “Hooray for Kelly (@MillieGibson01) for telling the police the truth. So glad Abi & Kevin were released without charge. Abi just needs Alfie back now.” @Momrocks50 wrote: “Good girl Kelly telling truth to help Abi #corrie.”

@j_raff2021 commented: “Bravo Kelly Neelan. You save Kevin and Abi for going to prison. @MillieGibson01 #Corrie.” @CxxPIPxx said: “Kelly’s redemption is coming on in leaps and bounds eh #Corrie.”

The teen then ended up at the police station

But fans of the long-running show were also upset for the character after pointing out a haunting detail. @floweroflondon tweeted: “Everyone Kelly loves must die. #Corrie.” @VampLover27 said: “Kelly must be thinking she’s a jinx, everyone she loves dies #Corrie.”

@LillyBelle19 wrote: “I do feel bad for Toyah. But dear gawd, poor wee Kelly has been through the wringer #corrie.” @j_raff2021 commented: “Poor Kelly. I just wanna hug her for losing Imran. #Corrie.” @helsrachel86 shared: “Poor Kelly everyone around her keeps dying #corrie.”

@PJDavies1962 added: “The motto here is don’t get close to Kelly. If you do you will end up on a slab. Watch out Westy! #corrie.”


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